Screen Studio Discount Code: The Last 2, and Student Discount Opportunities

Screen Studio Discount Code: The Last 2, and Student Discount Opportunities

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TLDR: There are no discounts unless you are involved in education/a student. There will likely be minimal/no future discounts.
I wrote this after seeing plenty of Twitter replies and mentions about Screen Studio discount codes. I was curious why there wasn’t any, and wanted to share my findings. I feel it is well worth the price for what you get w/o discount, especially after trying alternatives.
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Screen Studio, renowned for its high-quality screen recording capabilities, maintains a unique stance on discount codes. Excluding a few exceptions, general discount codes are scarce. This article delves into the reasons behind this approach and explains how students can benefit from a special discount.
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ScreenStudio’s typical/non-discounted Pricing
ScreenStudio’s typical/non-discounted Pricing

Exploring the Scarcity of Screen Studio Discount Codes

The rarity of Screen Studio discount codes is a deliberate choice by its founder, @pie6k. Historically, only two significant discounts have been offered:

The Design.Gifts Promotion

On December 14, 2022, Screen Studio participated in a promotion with, offering a 50% discount through the link
This promotion was part of a bundle including apps like Framer, Sketch, and CleanShot, as announced by @pie6k on Twitter. Despite its success, with 57 licenses sold in just four hours this discount appears to be a one-time exception. The promotion was seen as an opportunity for growth, despite @pie6k’s usual stance against discounts. His response tweet regarding this event highlighted the significance of the opportunity and his internal debate over discounting policies.

Early Adopter Discount

Another discount offered by Screen Studio was for early adopters at the tool's initial launch. The specifics of this discount remain vague, but it served as a gesture of appreciation for the first users who supported the product. The mention of this early adopter discount can be found in this Tweet.

@pie6k’s Philosophy on Discounts

@pie6k has articulated his reasoning for generally avoiding discounts in a Twitter conversation.
He emphasized the importance of fairness to customers who paid full price. The decision to join the promotion was an exception, driven by the potential for growth and exposure. The thread can be found here.

How Students Can Get of the Screen Studio Discount

Despite the general rarity of discounts, Screen Studio offers a student discount. However, there isn't an automated system for this, and students need to reach out directly.
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Obtaining the Student Discount

Students interested in Screen Studio can contact the team at with proof of their educational status. The FAQ section on Screen Studio’s website, here, details this process.
This tweet on May 14, 2023, sheds light on how a student managed to purchase Screen Studio at a significantly reduced price by combining the 40% student discount with a group purchase strategy.
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Editors Note: To maximally support Screen.Studio and their hard work, ensure you use this discount as a valid student and check with the Screen Studio team for their policies on approaches like the above. The non-discounted price is a great deal for this level of product.

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The Value Proposition of Screen Studio

Despite the limited availability of discounts, Screen Studio’s pricing model reflects a commitment to providing value to all its users. The tool’s pricing, even without discounts, is justified by the quality and capabilities it offers. Users are encouraged to respect the terms of the student discount and not to abuse it. Investing in Screen Studio at its full price is worthwhile, considering the exceptional features and benefits it provides to its user base.


Screen Studio's approach to discounts, characterized by fairness and strategic growth opportunities, aligns with the values of its founder, @pie6k. While general discount codes are rare, the student discount offers substantial savings for eligible users. This pricing strategy ensures that all users, regardless of when they purchase the software, receive fair treatment and value for their investment.