I deleted the brand account on Twitter recently - the X Premium Subscription was coming to an end in a few months, and I didn’t see myself renewing it.
I originally started using the account after trying another brand on it and already having X premium, so this wasn’t a massive loss for this project.
Additionally - It just felt like the math wasn’t there. For each click, I would have to promote something at almost a 1-to-1 ratio. (I kept running into people from other circles, and wasn’t able to break out of my ‘normal’ feed very well. Which defeats the purpose of this brand: To build a successful affiliate marketing brand without any connections or by using my preexisting network.)
Additionally, it started to feel spammy and disingenuous and I struggled to keep logging in and using it due to that. People generally didn’t feel receptive to (even if well targeted) affiliate links in replies. Which is to be expected.
I went into this with the mindset of ‘it’s easy to build a branded account if it’s entertaining and fun’
I was wrong, whoops.
All in all, I probably wasted around 100-200 hours on this account, so was mostly a time loss.
I feel great about deleting it, less to manage and more time to focus on SEO here.

In other news but related, I moved my sites from my main personal account to under this brand. I was hesitant around it, but I never wanted to do anything associated with affiliate marketing from my personal account due to many past experiences. (Have you ever gotten a MLM message from an old friend? Same feeling. I didn’t want to ever sell things from my personal account.)