Alpaca Affiliate

Welcome to my site.
This site primarily exists to sell my sawdust!
What’s selling your sawdust? Here’s a breakdown:
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This site is transparent log of programs I’m affiliated with,
, Projects I’m working on, and projects I’ve quit.
Want to support? Check out all the programs I’m an affiliate of. My thanks if you purchase from those <3

Core Belief:

I believe that Builders need Sellers, and Sellers need Builders.
The core problem is often that their incentives are not aligned. Affiliate programs encourage sellers to put their money where there mouth is, and only get paid when their promotions or marketing works.


Affiliate Of:
Examples and Templates

Long Term Affiliate Projects:


Small Projects:

Small note:
This is, (of course) a brand name/site/portfolio I am working to build. I’ve moved several sites to under this brand as an effort to separate affiliate marketing from any network I built in the past in an effort to prove that this can be done without relying on previous connections or reputation.